Specific courses for the airline industry

In accordance with the requirements of the Authority

Knowing the particular needs of the applicants for these courses, our staff focuses on the practical application they require. Click on the course links of the summary below to see more details and/or apply an inscription, or contact us to ask for any topic you need whether it is not listed. Our catalog includes much more, but we can also develop new or specialized courses to meet your requirements and objectives.





AGS instructors are qualified professionals and they are approved by the Authority as instructors, adding an actual experience on the topics they teach, to the ability to explain technology and standards in a readily understandable way. They have proven competence in the target areas of the courses, and extensive experience in the aviation industry (in design and production, operation, maintenance or inspection and certification by the Authority) as well as on the related training, keeping updated their knowledge since they go on working on the application of subjects they teach.

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Our training services go further

We offer:

  • Global solution: analyzing with your company the training that best suit you and defining the appropriate training plan
  • 12-months and 24-months training programs suited to your organization
  • Courses required (initial and recurrent) to the different categories of staff
  • Complementary courses according to internal procedures
  • Customized training, with content tailored to your needs

On-site and distance (online) learning: courses adapted to your agenda, your schedule and without moving your personnel from their workplace.

You will benefit from a free discussion about any company issue, since the program involves only your personnel and confidentiality is maintained.

Get a customized quote without obligation, saving your company more than 30% in cost by eliminating employee travel time and expenses.


Satisfaction guaranteed

In all cases, you have the AGS Satisfaction Guarantee: you will be completely satisfied with our program, but since AGS is not only a training center, this branch being the extent of our experience and our core business as aviation professionals, you will have our support before, during and after the course to improve its effectiveness and to implement its contents.

Part 66 exams


AGS has taken part in the start-up of several Part 147 Maintenance Training Organizations for both basic training and aircraft type rating / task, and in the approval of on-job training programs for Part 145 Maintenance Organizations.

Thanks to this, we have currently collaboration agreements to arrange exams of Part 66 Modules to obtain the initial issue of an Aircraft Maintenance License through approved Part 147 Organizations, without having completed the relevant training in them. And we can also offer theoretical refresher sessions preparatory to that examinations.

Save cost with on-site courses and exams:

  • To pass or complete the basic Part 66 exams to get an initial issue of a License
  • To release restrictions from a License previously obtained
  • To update a License to the new requirements recently included in regulations (i.e., EWIS inspection)
  • To upgrade or add to your License a new category/subcategory (consult your case)
  • To receive an aircaft type rating course (Level 1/3) according to required standards (consult your case)

Consult us your case, specifying the course or exam(s) in which you are interested, and we will give the details and options that best suit your interest.