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Our identifying mark

Capacity and trustworthiness

AGS integrates a framework of high level services relating to aviation provided by qualified, certified and experienced professionals, both at technical and operational area, as at strategic and business management.
We are at once the best support and the best advisor for your goals.

Loss adjustment area

Aviation accident and incident investigation, expert valuation and claim adjustment

AGS has a complete team of experts covering all the issues affecting the damages and losses in the aeronautics field. We work with all the sector insurers, as well as the main specialized lawyers firms in Spain, UK and rest of Europe.
In terms of damage, our expert valuation covers the material damage, but go beyond any other appraisal and includes the performing of a deep analysis of every consequential loss derived of the incident.

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Our headquarters

Aeronautical Global Services S.L.
Calle Lentejuela 2
13002 Ciudad Real, SPAIN