Adjusters for you

We work with the main specialized insurers and lawyers firms, as well as independently as adjusters for policyholders. This is known by all the insurance companies, understanding that we don't depend only of one or another of them, and knowing that we always focus on our client interest when it comes to advocating on its behalf: whether our client is an insurance company as if a policyholder, and whether the advocating is facing one or more insurance company as if one or more policyholders.
Our core focus is optimizing and expediting economic recovery of our clients after an accident.

For private policyholders

AGS boasts most senior and experienced adjusters in sector to help aviation companies and owners settle claims by assessing and documenting every detail of a loss or major disaster. Our experts working for you will also help in preparing the claim and submitting it to the insurance company. We build for you the strongest possible foundation for your successful economic recovery of losses.

For insurance companies

AGS team merges a wide aviation experience with a deep knowledge of newest regulations, enabling insurance companies and lawyers firms build or refute insurance claims, up to negotiation of an extrajudicial agreement or its defence through the courts. We work closely with you and your client to negotiate the most fair and timely settlement possible.

Our expert intervention keeps the maximum rate of customer satisfaction

After years of experience in claims, appraisals, investigation and preparation of expert reports, our experts team continues holding optimal results, with a complete success both through the courts and under out of court negotiation. Claims for hull damage, bird strike, infrastructure and facilities; compensation for personal injury; consequential loss; own and third party damage: a rigorous documentation of the claim guarantees its success.

We support you along the entire claim process to achieve the best result

Every insurance claim is unique. Our experts know it and they are assigned to case from the beginning of the work to ensure personally that all goes smoothly, and that the settlement is built in the best terms as promptly as possible.

Whether the accident is recent, as if time has passed and the damage has been repaired and there is no physical evidence to evaluate, we gather all information and seek all possible ways to prove our conclusions.

How we do it

The success of our work is based on four essential steps:

  • Conducting a thorough evaluation of the loss, researching rigorously and substantiating every circumstance of each case, even reconstructing the facts
  • Valuing, documenting and substantiating every detail
  • Negotiating on your behalf with your company, or with the one of your opponent in the claim
  • Getting the best possible settlement of claim in the shortest possible time frame and without hassle for you

What we can also do and you might want we do

Through the claim process, you could need some additional assistance from our professionals, as:

  • Perform a deep study of terms of your insurance policy
  • Give you support at all negotiations and meetings with your opponent in the claim
  • Analyze the legal foundations of the case and anticipate the probability of success of a claim through the courts
  • Review of formal details to analyze the probability of success of a claim through the courts; there are frequently legal technical requirements that are skipped: this is useful to perform that claim, or to strengthen your position in the extrajudicial negotiation